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drawWall V1 - Drawing Machine: Plotting Iron Man 본문

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drawWall V1 - Drawing Machine: Plotting Iron Man

Zalophus Dokdo 2018. 12. 19. 17:54


Drawing Machine - drawWall V1- Plotting - ProfileBlock™


3D Design Tool: SketchUp Pro

drawWall is a clone of the famous mDrawBot/Makelangelo. It's a plotter to draw.

Use an "Arduino Nano" control board and a "Arduino Nano CNC Shield" board.

In this video we will build one. We will see the list of components, hardware assembly, wiring harness and the Software part ... Up to the Drawing.

Using the "Inkscape" vector graphics program along with a special "plug in", you can create several G-Code files, starting with a drawing. Universal G-code Sender (Java) will do the rest.

For the download Software:

- Arduino IDE:

- GRBL + Servo:

- Inkscape:

- Plug-In:

- Line Shading Extension (plugin) for Inkscape:

- SquiggleDraw:

- StippleGen:

- Python:

- Universal G-Code Sender:

- Java:

- LaserGRBL:

### For more information:

The open source Drawing Machine - Drawing Machine  hardware and software is free and made with love.  Please show your level of support with a voluntary donation.