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LED Matrix Bar Weather Station V1 - 3D Modeling 본문


LED Matrix Bar Weather Station V1 - 3D Modeling

Zalophus Dokdo 2018. 3. 15. 13:41


  • ESP8266 WeMos D1 mini module which I finally found good application for (now you can buy better cheap ESPs)
  • 6 x LEDMatrix module with MAX7219 driver
  • supplied directly from USB port with USB plug
  • all data are synchronized every 7-8 minutes
  • time and date are taken from
  • weather informations are grabbed from JSON api
  • in the future also other news and infos grabbing can be possible
  • no hardware RTC clock is necessary
  • responsive web(UI) design
  • internal temperature, humidity sensor (options - DS18B20, DHT22, DHT12)
  • ESP8266 setup and control as a Wi-Fi Web Server (WiFiManager, OTA, mDNS)
  • receives a message input from a User Input page, then displays the message on a scrolling LED matrix display.

Parts List:

  • 6 x MAX7219 8 x 8 LED Matrix module
  • 1 x WeMos D1 mini
  • 1 x Interface shield

Additional Parts:

  • N x DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • 1 x DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor
  • 1 x DHT12 temperature and humidity sensor
  • N x WS2812B RGB LED

Source code is available here:
The code is being cleaned up. Please wait... I'll share it soon.

3D Parts:

NOTE: Recently added support for rotated LED Matrices

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